Thursday, March 6, 2014

I love to watch you go

It's official...We are starting the kitchen. Yes, this in undoubtedly my most hated area in the house and no not just because well, its ugly but because it's not functional. I mean most of the cabinet drawers don't even open or they don't have doors on them, some cabinets are missing handles while other are about to fall off.  This makes it very difficult when you are trying to make dinner for five screaming kids.
But before we could even think of hanging pretty new cabinets we had to address a serious issue, the large window in our kitchen looking out to the garage. Yes, it sounds weird that we had a large window looking out to our garage but whoever added the addition to our house (mater bedroom and garage) in the 80's never closed the large window in our kitchen thus us having a beautiful view of our garage.

BEFORE: (large window looking out to garage, taking up a lot of space that new cabinets will go)
On the same side we also had a little built in, built over another window that was cracked from the other side, that had to go as well.

AFTER: Both windows closed up, ready for sanding and paint 

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